Hospital network marketing promotion and commonly used methods

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first, the hospital website construction

with the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet plays an increasingly prominent role, private hospitals to network marketing is an inevitable trend, according to professional survey, private hospitals 70% customers from the network, the establishment of the hospital website platform make the traditional marketing into network marketing, occupy the leading position in the private hospital. For the hospital to save costs, improve the conversion rate, enhance market competitiveness, so as to maximize the interests of the hospital.

general hospital web site is the design and construction of the network company, the latter mainly by the hospital network departments or related network companies. Hospital website construction, should consider the following main factors:

1, enhance the user experience. Such as: hospital website columns, layout design closer to consumers, according to the user needs to change regularly. Web design closer to the user, help to improve the rate of return and consultation.

2, the search engine friendly. Such as: website structure optimization, website internal connection optimization, website code keyword optimization. Baidu data show 80% network sources due to the search engine, improve site traffic, increase the network customer source, enhance the overall weight of the site is very important.

3, to have their own characteristics and innovation, grasp the direction. Such as: hospitals open night clinic, private clinic. The innovation of medical technology innovation, service brand, marketing innovation consciousness, for many years engaged in Internet consensus of website should have goals and positioning, to become bigger and stronger, the target direction is also reflected in the above website.

two, hospital promotion

site in the early stages, in order to allow more customers to know, to improve access and volume, only the promotion of foreign. Including paid and free, the results of each method is not the same.

The purpose of

is to promote the website, hospital, set up private enterprise image, bring more customer resources. The main factors to consider the promotion of the following factors:

1, the proportion of inputs and outputs. Such as: portal site advertising 5000/ months, bring effective customers for 5 people; the newspaper is put in 4000/ per page, bring effective customers for 10 people. Then we have to consider the cost, the choice of efficient advertising, tracking observation, adjust the delivery strategy.

2, develop a good plan. Such as: Wong Lo Kat in the Wenchuan earthquake last year donated one hundred million, and later spent hundreds of thousands of network experts on the network red. The promotion of the hospital needs a good planning, in a short period of time to the hospital. 3, tracking advertising, market feedback, timely improvement. According to the changes in advertising, customer demand changes and changes in the market in a timely manner to adjust the measures to maximize the hospital exposure rate, increase the conversion rate. Three, website optimization (experience)

1, web page optimization (code, keywords, website structure optimization)

2, website internal optimization (column, >

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