Promotion of small and medium site methods to enhance the flow of articles

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according to the Internet monitoring report, now the Internet penetration number has more than 10%, but also showing the geometric presenting trend, so more and more people begin to pay attention to the Internet, the Internet began to engage in work, small website promotion is the webmaster need to solve the problem. So how to solve the problem of small and medium – sized web site to allow more people to join the Internet family. So the small and medium-sized owners say the site is easy to do, can be said "do not lakes bigwigs of the Baibawan think", which they say is right


actually, we are speaking of their experience, are their own experience, are summed up, of course it is justified, but their goals are not the same, the webmaster can only want to survive, how to do industry NO1 bigwigs think it is.


back on, so for those of us in the small owners how to promote their own websites? Is crazy tie? Is crazy to do outside the chain? Or do crazy SEO cheating? This is some methods are used, but are not attracted to your site positioning users, so when you stop all the promotion of your site, immediately became quiet. I come up with a few points about this problem:

1, the promotion of small and medium-sized website content optimization

said here is not only for the optimization, search engine, more important is the positioning of the site, you can display more content to your site’s direction, for example our party network (, in the beginning only think about how to improve the flow, so every day to see where there is the hottest then I search around these keywords update constantly, but later discovered that Baidu simply ignore you, or not to flow, then we summarize the analysis of Web site is no theme optimization, a site may not have what key words, so we only change the direction of life dating in Wuhan, love of Baidu it also accelerated the website snapshot update to 16 for a station just over a week is successful. So small and medium-sized webmaster must be a big theme for their web site, around the theme to write, can’t see what key words to write what, at least have to accord with your website theme.

2, the promotion of small and medium website method post

post not only is the webmaster commonly used tricks, more shops owners with tricks, but we can’t send a stick like a beggar waiting for someone else to flow the main facilities, we should have our own will, so many webmaster said our post is to improve the flow, say good, even if a large site it can be said, this is an overall goal, we should be more specific, specific to each day you want your website to do what you need to do what you post, I think the best way is every time you send a message, let your users more on your website a slowly understanding, know more people more on your website trust. "

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