China has been infected with malware PC ratio over 50% Chinese phishing sites in 15618

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December 5th news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today released the China Anti phishing alliance work report in 2012. The report shows that as of November 20, 2012, the Federation has identified and dealt with phishing sites 100402, which, -11 month in January 2012 to deal with a total of 24535, compared with the same period in 2011 fell by 33%. Data show that the average rate of malware infected computers worldwide was 54.10%, becoming the only country with an infection rate of over 50%.


Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) deputy director Qi Lin introduced in 2012, union members reached 492, relying on the alliance members Send pushed up the number of phishing sites accounted for the total amount of 81.75% members of the Alliance for the report, the fight against phishing work play a significant role in promoting.

anti fishing alliance has been a joint browser manufacturers, search engine manufacturers, network security vendors in the initial link of the Internet users to take the initiative and warning. Has been rising, Kingsoft, Microsoft, travel and other 16 browser and anti-virus vendors and alliances with the work. Union also actively strengthen cooperation with foreign domain name registration agencies, by pushing the form of data to deal with the relevant domain name.

through more than four years of coordination of all parties to deal with the alliance’s rapid improvement of phishing sites to improve the mechanism. Beginning in 2012, the union to report phishing data for the two test and screening, screening in addition to the fishing website has expired. At the same time, the alliance actively attempts to use the "heuristic feature detection", "pattern recognition" and other methods to improve the scope of acceptance.

"report" shows that this year the admissibility of the fishing website alliance range more than doubling last year, which was originally limited to the CN domain name of the website, and then extended to include.Com,.Net,.Org,.Info, more than 80 kinds of top-level domain reports of phishing sites.

alliance released the report pointed out that in 2012 1-11 months, although the union identified and dealt with a total of 33% phishing sites fell by the same period in the same period in 2011, however, China’s network security situation is still not optimistic.

APWG data also show that in the first half of 2012, a total of 15618 Chinese users were found as the target of Chinese phishing sites. The 2012 alliance received reports of phishing sites, payment transactions, financial securities and media such as online login, need to pay for a website or page is three kinds of fishing industry website key distribution, accounting for 94.61% of the total processing.

data clearly shows that e-commerce sites are still phishing sites focused on the outbreak of the hardest hit, reaching more than 60% of the total processing. The report also shows that phishing sites still show high concentration, chasing hot spots, get together >

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