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Shaolin Temple shop on-line more than a month, until a few days before being fired up. The shop is by Shaolin joy to the e-commerce company project group operation, shop on the sales of goods including not only the use of meditation meditation clothes and shoes meditation, Zen incense, candle holders, and inject elements of Shaolin monks T-shirt, Candlestick, watches and other young people’s favorite cultural and creative products. There is a set of "Shaolin martial arts medicine tips", the price is 9999 yuan.

there will be demand for market

I remember when I was young, there are often some mail product advertisements in magazines, I’m interested in a martial arts cheats are newspapers, basically in the novels of Jin Yong’s martial arts novels which are, so I was looking for students to borrow money mailed a copy of "Six Meridian Swords", a "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon".

sent after the discovery of the two book is ten pieces of copy paper copy, the cover is very rough, though, when I was still very happy, dream diligently for five years, and then become the martial arts novels describe the martial arts master ", finally carrying ruhuameijuan Hermitage forest, it was too naive the.

think now, a fragment of the situation at the time and Stephen Chow’s "Kung Fu" in the almost, but that is the email marketing, but in this era of information technology, network marketing has more sales, product, market, brand, and not have to worry about quality issues and customer service are guaranteed.

because there is demand, so there is a market, Shaolin Temple is now trying to network marketing, which means that the Shaolin Temple has been in the forefront of information technology in the industry.

Shaolin Temple network marketing "Lonely Nine Sword"

1, the use of QQ group, Taobao Wangwang group spread

need to pay attention to two words: precision in the choice of the QQ group and Taobao Wangwang group, if it is to promote Shaolin Temple medicine cheats, can add some of the pharmaceutical industry group; if it is the promotion of the Shaolin Temple meditation service, you can add some clothing, design etc..

then every day to prepare some articles, jokes, or health or some articles to attract people can be released in the group, a good article can at least in a group of about 10 IP, the 100 groups of at least 1000 IP in the 1000 IP at least 10 customers will have the intention to buy.

2, and similar products shop link

Shaolin Temple

shop can and many industries website Links or advertising exchange, such as clothing, religion, bookstores, martial arts and other industries, the transverse development of a larger space, so long in development, has a great role in promoting the construction of the network brand of Shaolin Temple.

3, business card communication

in the mail items to customers, can be in the commodity with a number of personalized Shaolin Temple card, because the Shaolin Temple in real life has a very big influence, >

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