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I am a 90 percent of college students, operating from a 0 start, there is no entrance news reading type of mobile phone APP College students. The newly hired me, this article is looking at everyone in the display slight skill before an expert, but also discuss the operation, then I get in a word, to sum up some of their own ideas for the operation.

everything is difficult at the beginning

has the idea, we must distinguish the concept and reality.

I want to do is the phone APP, but at first I did not directly point my finger at APP. For a newly established company, it is too unrealistic, remember a headline in an article wrote: product project human expenditure is not maximum salary, but the team recruited time cost, and in no circumstances, reduce the quality and efficiency of the team to drop standards. Understand this sentence, I went directly to do a WeChat public number. It can only be said to be good luck, not long ago to get a good flow increase. When I thought I’d done a great job, the hired agent told me I couldn’t go on. People have no news, after a month of stagnation, I found a student organization, they give me outsourcing this thing. 3 after 5 months, the number of public primary point finally on the right track.

says to all bad investments: NO

suddenly have a few friends to find me, said he wanted to work with me, also said that want to buy shares. I gave them a very unified answer: No. As an operator, you have to figure out which funds are safe and which are not safe, and if you accept this bad investment, what happens to the new public figure. You may ask me, students all the money to the parents, why not? The answer is very simple, just to avoid the shortage of funds, the students did not have investment, cannot bear the risk, because of a failure, it is easy to cause the divestment risk. This kind of bad investment ningkuimoujian. Therefore, my early funds are stored in their own high school, the middle is honored to receive the favor of an investment company, get a very satisfactory investment both sides. As for why I want to invest in the latter, because I got the place in the school student entrepreneurship contest, the two sides reached an agreement. More than one sentence, you want to get investment, this may be a good way.

traffic is a hard indicator

get the investment, in the school next to youth incubator base, apply for a small office. More than and 50 square meters sit down nearly 11 people. The next most difficult period: if you increase the amount of reading platform, because that the next round of investment is very clear, traffic must have a qualitative change. I also want to break the skin to the brain a very slip method at that time, here is not to recommend, if you do this, you can refer to a method of star group and the headlines, but also two good News Corp. They used the removal of the form, programmed every day in a fixed page >

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