mpact on the progress of the nternet and the development of the 20 major milestones inventory

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now, people have a smart phone, home with high-speed broadband, office computers, etc. can be connected to the Internet, people can get any information and data from any subject. But have you taken the time to think, since the first attempt to connect to the Internet, we have achieved what achievements and progress? In 1994 or 1995, for home users, the Internet is still a new thing, whether you were the first to "eat crab"


now, the Internet has become an important part of people’s daily life and work, on the Internet for cash achievement recognition, "20" event PCWorld network version on the Internet influence the progress and development are summarized, in accordance with the "game changer" appeared in time, in which time of this sort, all started from the last century in 70s.


below is the "PCWorld" summary of the 20 major events affecting the progress and development of the internet.

1978: groundbreaking multi player online game online mud game MUD appears


August 1978, the University of Essex (Essex University) Professor Richard · Battelle (Richard Bartle) and Roy Du Boxiao (students · Roy Trubshaw) wrote the first text-based adventure computer game MUD (Multi-User Dungeon, many people underground city, after the development of the network game, commonly known as mud game). The most significant feature of the game is that it has an unprecedented new feature, which allows hundreds of people online at the same time to play games against opponents. Jessica · (Jessica Mulligan) is a senior computer game consultant, she is also a computer game historian, author, and experts. She said, there have been too many people, but those games allow only a few people at the same time online play. (MUD) was the first game that allowed hundreds of people to participate in the same universe, the same space, and at the same time. And that’s what the game is all about."

Mulligan said, MUD is the real rules change, then all the multiplayer online games are based on MUD prototype. "They weren’t going to make a game. Richard is a fan of & and Dragons (Dungeons), he decided to use the game as a model to develop a project, basically, the project created an industry." Now, you can still play the early version of the MUD online game, if you want more

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