Website promotion planning a case study of wonderful programs (three)

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Hello! The day before yesterday at noon wrote an article "the website promotion plan: wonderful program display case (a)" after the two day there are parts of the portal site webmaster asked me holding the line activities should pay particular attention to the details of what the problem? Because many of my friends asked this question, so I write this article I was planning to analyze the process of the details of the

!The website promotion plan

I write you can link to reference, which I also wrote the feasibility study report, the leadership agreed to look after the examination and approval of implementation, this needs to be familiar with and clearly grasp the ideas and details of the programme of activities for each planner a process.

in order to promote the success of the line under the success, we must know the details, due to the more details, will take up a lot of space, so I just write more important details!

1, pay attention to and universities signed a contract


is the sponsor’s name to engage in activities, but any cooperation if no contract are not guaranteed, so that the content of the activities, and the sponsorship fee to the main person responsible for the consultation related part of colleges and universities, a good grasp of the contract! To avoid the impact of this event more unfavorable factors for the contents of the contract, we can! According to the situation of the activities, write all written guarantee


2, pay attention to and businesses signed a contract

businesses to join the activities of the participants need to pay a fee, but what is the business benefits, businesses have what guarantee problems to ensure the problem and so on, with the cooperation of both sides, and good business cooperation contract, signed the contract! For example: this activity, the business is good (1) the university entrance permissions. (2) 50 thousand copies of color glue leaflets containing products provided by merchants. (3) leaflets distributed by the student union, the cost borne by the company. And so on

3, pay attention to activities in Colleges and universities do more publicity work


activities in the well before more propaganda work, to do this, to avoid the number of small, appear scenes of the ice, affect the activity of atmosphere! Need to arrange the program, the college students will provide good scene work! Increase exhibition popularity


4, pay attention to the activities of cooperative businesses before giving preferential

, for example, companies need to join the activity, need to pay a fee, it can be appropriate for business cooperation in the website page, provided free of charge within a certain period of advertising, how to offer, you can freely play! Leadership agree with it. This is to strive for more businesses to participate in this event, increase the style of the event!

5, pay attention to the reasonable treatment of financial problems

, for example, our company to engage in promotional planning activities will be profitable every time, if we engage in the activities of the first line, if the whole

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