Life – Love love 1314 years net cross domain feast grand opening!

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recently, the leading domestic domain name service ( platform love tennis grand line 1314 New Year’s domain name feast, and enable the domain name as the homepage, has access to. It is reported that the main push two sections, section one: special quality domain name auction; section two: quality domain name price promotion (good parity).

According to the

survey found, love net new year event has attracted to the domain name of a large number of high-quality domain. Including the digital domain name, the domain name double this year the most popular type. Such as:,,,,, etc..


in the field of domestic domain name registration, domain name transactions, net love has maintained a leading position. In 2013, net love is successfully organized several large-scale online auction special domain name, the transaction amounted to millions of dollars. In addition, the net love gold column "good parity" since 2012, adhering to the "good name, flat price" concept, but also by the majority of domain name investors and owners of praise! Successfully reached tens of thousands of high quality domain name transaction.


the 1314 New Year feast of love special domain name, Internet enabled two level domain name:, 1314 representative in 2014 from 2013, but also on behalf of the domain name for love. The two domain enabled greatly simplifies the domain name to buy the entrance to facilitate buyers to buy the right domain name. If you intend to hand out at the end of the year a hoard of domain name, or if you want to have idle funds at the end of the "Tun goods", what are you waiting for, come to love net 1314 domain name


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