These years, game marketing failure!

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game marketing is a small horse known as the most lucrative Internet marketing, it affects various groups of different ages, but with the popularity of the Internet, game marketing has gradually lost its former high handed, many games also went extinct, what makes this result? Today we explore and pony game marketing failure.

: a fast

exposed fangs

this is the pony think now to describe the game marketing the most appropriate word, recall once, pony is a poor boy addicted to online games, the network game is very influential, because they do not need to charge money, as long as there is a cable, a computer, you can in the entertainment, with the passage of time and gradually fell in love with the game, then the game opened the charge system, the results reveal fangs, natural self-evident, because I have fallen in love with the game, this is the previous game marketing.

say today, many online games you just started playing, it will remind you to charge money can have what concessions can draw, what can get good Dongdong, analysis of network marketing point of view, we are only in the user’s trust, we can expand our sales and subsequent sales, which requires a the process, if just and customer contact, do not fully understand on the recommendation of our products, the result is often counterproductive, so now is one of the lost game marketing fangs revealed too fast, the customer has been away.

two: do not understand human nature

this involves the user experience, we must first understand a concept, what is the game? As we work to relax entertainment, as we all know, the reality of the competition is very big, but it is not fair, so a lot of people in the game is the pursuit of a for now the game are revealed in a gap between the rich and the poor, charge money inside can be very arrogant, do not charge money will be junk in it.

we imagine that a large part of the people, every day they live in different competition and unfair in real life, they also need to relax, so they opened a game, but inside they feel exactly the same as the reality and treatment, what would they like? Of course is to abandon the game first, because their purpose is to work to relax, rather than just competition everywhere, most of this group is the game marketing target customers really


pony feeling, no matter what game marketing, we have to start from the user’s point of view, they play the game when the heart is? How to make them fall in love with the game, as long as you can do these things well,

game marketing naturally will not fail!This article from the

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