Luo Yonghao now that you have to go through hell

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October 18th, hammer technology conference held in Shanghai. Although Luo Yonghao will stage the speech as one of the many hardships of life, but the scene has maintained a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere. After the meeting, the 500 thousand new Taiwan which is almost instantly sold out, hammer technology start-up four years half of total sales.

this is a long and rare good news. Not long ago, Luo Yonghao in an interview with GQ China has admitted that the company’s employees into the fatigue period.

In the early days of

, Luo Yonghao’s vision of the public and his staff was the sun, the stars and the moon. Despite the fact that the death penalty has been sentenced to death, Luo Yonghao has let the death of the crowd has not come. But it is not so far away from the sea of stars as originally promised.

hammer technology started in the dream, stronged insisted, has nearly 1000 people, the industry related to the young Internet, also relates to the traditional manufacturing industry, covering all aspects of finance, software, hardware, procurement, processing and customer service etc.. Over the past few months, in addition to some inconvenience of releasing information department, such as personnel and financial affairs, responsible person with almost every aspect of our hammer technology have done in-depth exchanges, trying to remove it from the old dream of a brainwave to industry groups between each step of the links are deoxidized, thus showing the morphology and tonality of the company at present, the most close to the real.

our interview list includes 4 vice president of hammer, of which the first is the 3 media access, including the recent entry of the product line and vice president of hardware R & D Wu Dezhou.

July 9th, Luo Yonghao 44 years old birthday, interview on this day. Look at this node, starting just ten years old, since the beginning of 2006, he made, Luo English training and hammer technology projects. So far, there is no commercial success can be achieved.

Luo Yonghao says he’s thinking about himself. His self correction is not only about managing the company, but also about his physical intervention. When his sincere and pure, above suspicion doubt. He didn’t seem to be dealing with an interviewer, but talking to a friend who had no need to defend himself, and even gave me a good idea of how he felt after taking the drug.

recently, Luo Yonghao at their own expense to employees · eilon musk pass. In the business musk also suffered a lot of adoration and disgust, his honor is broken, the financial was hovering at the edge of the cliff. In the book, by quoting Churchill: since it must go through hell, then go down.

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Luo Yonghao was so shy that he was too embarrassed to shake hands. Before the interview the staff gave me the psychological construction: if Luo looked tired and impatient, just leave; if the mood is good, talk well.

I said this to him. "I had a good sleep last night," said CEO, who didn’t care about the employee behind him

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