British electricity supplier My 1st Years is now $6 million financing

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My 1st Years, one of the main children’s custom gift British record prices before the electricity supplier announced that the company received 5 million pounds ($6 million) financing.

the company had previously received $2 million 400 thousand in financing, the financing led by Beringea, the parties involved in the management of several funds Hargreave Hale. The company said it plans to use the money in the company’s operations, marketing and into the U.S. market. My 1st Years was founded in 2009, founder of Daniel Price and Jonny Sitton. The company said that their children’s customized gifts since its launch, loved by the upper class. Not long ago, the British Prince George met Obama, wore robe is his house products. In addition to the robe, My 1st Years products also include customized toys, shoes and bedding.

when we were in college, we thought of the idea." Price said, we were studying a topic in the baby clothing industry, and then we found that the baby gift industry is beyond the imagination, but there are huge defects in the market. The two of us are very fond of NikeID, at the same time think of custom is the trend of rapid development, but no one in the infant market to do customized products."

Price said that their brands and electricity supplier website is mainly for the case, for example, the people around you just have a baby, you want to give them a "timeless, personalized gifts, and the price close to the people". The pain of choosing a gift, perhaps every 30 years old people are deeply aware of it.

this is our goal, and this market is actually very promising." Price added, "British women spend more than $200 million a year on a baby’s party, which is not a birthday present, a gift from a newborn, or something that parents buy for their children."

The founder of

My 1st Years also said that the custom is also a fashion trend, YouGov survey estimates that in 2016 the cost of spending on custom gifts for nearly 1 billion pounds.

"because we have a good grasp of the timing, in the custom industry started earlier, so we can work together with the trend of development, and timely adjustments to the wind direction. Now consumers are different, they are not willing to wait until the custom gift sent, so we do the same day delivery; they are not willing to compromise, so we strive to make them satisfied the quality of goods. Now we are in the position of the industry in the near future to develop our technology, while actively expanding to overseas markets."

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