Close observation of online education had to utilitarian first

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online education is becoming a hot topic in the field of entrepreneurship, in all points of view, see the discussion on the macro trend and foreign successful model mostly focus topic, and the status of online education for the first-line domestic little discussion. As a result of operation line’s sake, I need to work for the school discipline and hundreds of students, so in the practical operation of the layer accumulates some observations, ideas do not necessarily correct or profound, right when the contribution of some stories, in order to initiate.

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1 online education can replace traditional education, which is a false proposition. This is an old topic, but also a false proposition, the author had been involved in a detailed discussion, but suddenly found that this topic into the debate seems meaningless for the actual combat. As history from the master education evolved to private education, to the development of class education experience, education mode on the individual teaching result is weakening, but its development to meet the demand of education efficiency and standardization. Online education is also the case, it is only an auxiliary means to improve the efficiency of education, there is no conflict with traditional education. For users, this is similar to the people who go to McDonald’s fast food, eat Quanjude delicacy of the difference between love.

2 and ten years ago, the online education environment is indeed coming. The popularity of the Internet lifestyle, a large area of the home network speed, the rise of 90 consumer groups, the maturity of the online payment environment, which provides a good background for online education. More critical is that the pace of work of young people to speed up the cost of living, increased competition, which makes the demand for public education to further enhance the line. The former is a necessary condition, the latter is the impact of demand, therefore, the opportunity for online education is indeed different from ten years ago, it can be said that online education is indeed the spring breeze.

3 foreign and domestic online education may not be the same thing. The different social system, educational environment, public life pressure, public learning for different purposes, these are collectively referred to as "you know" is different, make the traditional education under the line is not the same situation. Therefore, the Khan Academy or or Coursera or their model may not be applicable in china. In China, online training alone can support accounting education is listed on the NYSE, N can rely on supplementary training institutions doing well in foreign countries, this has no analogy, I really don’t know.

but one thing is for sure, in a public housing, health care, education and other basic needs are not fully protected, the lives of young people and the rapid increase of pressure, and career development is the only way to survive the majority of the society, in the concept of "alienation of educational achievement ideal" to "change the fate of education" the non utilitarian education far less utilitarian training came too. Therefore, the status quo is doomed to education environment, business opportunities are completely different. Its analysis of the elite open class business

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