The advantages and disadvantages of Baidu Mobile Network Alliance

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at the beginning of 2014, with about half of the Baidu mobile network alliance to promote publicity implied, finally began to enter our eyes, the first time I was anxious to get the related tests.

Is the mobile network

first to mention the background operation interface, can only use two words to locate: simple. Yes, simple to not simple, very suitable for minimalism, the official propaganda referred to the diversification of propaganda, we can apply to the actual work of only three. The internal operation mode of network alliance promotion and mobile network of roughly the same way according to hobbies, recently browsing, and keywords of customer orientation show, of course, this time Baidu has brought us a surprise.

directional system promotion, directional system promotion, for example you can promote Android users, or the promotion of IOS users, most of the companies or enterprises will not go to the orientation system of promotion, service and software industry oriented system promotion for fixed platform.

designated device promotion, the user can choose the phone or tablet, I personally think, in fact, and the pros and cons of the orientation system is the same, there is no more explanation.

price oriented equipment promotion, to tell the truth, I was actually on the mobile network and the function is not very cold, there are people who do not use is Vertu, and the money people are not necessarily NOKIA 1100.

oriented network type promotion, which is more practical, at least for those communications operators are still more useful, the communications industry has not yet been involved, not to evaluate.

targeted areas to promote, this I do not introduce, as long as it is done Baidu are more understanding.

directed the specific location, to tell the truth, Baidu mobile network alliance this line, to bring you the most effective function than it, what other directional area and prices are simply suck, after two months of testing, I draw a conclusion that the directional location accuracy rate of only 40% in the promotion so, that is a personal visit came after our tracking results is 6 person is actually not in this area.

directional specific types of media promotion, very practical function, mobile network must set the function, because the product and project in most industries is targeted, you sell sports goods, to play the game website publicity results as can be imagined.

Based on the above analysis of the

, the last two months of work with the data, summarize: first, there is no doubt the powerful mobile network, these functions of customer orientation than the Baidu search engine to be more perfect, the second is, because now mobile network is not very mature, most people point to the mobile the station is actually in the wrong point, you know why (a small mobile phone screen, a little touch came in), I believe that in the near future, mobile web promotion with a powerful customer orientation can occupy a part of market share.

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