Shanghai webmaster Association of the third stage of the party to participate in free

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you webmaster, Internet operators peer:

third party meeting finally won the cash sponsorship! After a month of hard work, the fraternity has finally completed a work for the party members!

‘s commitment to Party announcements –

Shanghai webmaster Association officially announced: registration and has passed the audit of individual owners and Internet operators of the company’s peers, free to participate in the third phase of the gathering!

after three days of emergency talks, June 29th 13 PM, Shanghai Owners Association finally reached a consensus with the Tai Chi alliance, and signed a cooperation agreement third party alliance webmaster, Tai Chi on the spot to pay cash. Association for the Tai Chi alliance is the return of the owners of the third phase of the host of the meeting.

party on behalf of the Shanghai webmaster Association, thanks to the support of Tai Chi Union’s cash! Know marketing planning agencies to thank the organizer on the net, China domain! The above two units give us support for server and brand design.

Shanghai webmaster association is for personal AdSense and colleagues service group, is not profitable, we are in the initial stage, now and in the future still need the support of all sectors of society!

finally, still do not welcome the registration of the Internet operators and the company’s peers, signed up to participate in the third phase of the meeting, not many places, please seize the time! In order to ensure the quality of the party, all individuals or units, still need to go through the fraternity audit.

registration address:


webmaster Association of

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