Color, also do not want thousands of ah

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I opened a network called the color station, station was closed, and also the


since the beginning of 07, the site is getting less and less money to spend more and more.

had finished, with the previous online methods could not find some money, but with his savings and 2 good brothers hit south to go north, (
process later said it is too long, too hard, too sad, what also didn’t do it. The light to a place the train was 38 hours)

no way, had to stay at home to do mix 2 port

for months I have 20 meters space, N, got a DZ forum, open from the locomotive, start

about 1 days and 2 days, stand up, the picture of what N more, the film is also more N, AD want to put GG, but the application failed

third days and 4 days after my crazy publicity IP also up, and the 1000 is normal,

nightmare also started

that morning, I said look at my station, how the traffic, the site can not open, I immediately contact the space business

and they said, is your station%*& (%^*%, our server was almost taken away

wronged ah, I heard the thunder station picture is a bit more attractive, but I do not have a dew point ah, there are a lot of theoretical films, but they are collected to other stations,

later found out that not the content of the problem, but also I put a text to the connection to the text messaging Union, the text is really written XXX click into the

but also wronged ah, ah, in fact, that is, no one day registration, click on the little person, can run in the space of two months for

who called Y also left the water strike against the wind ah, no space, no station, fortunately people still -_-||

are ad provoke ah, but it is also good to give up a dangerous station, there is no income station

now, do the regular site, put the GG, income is pretty good

ha ha, so we must step foot dependably ah, illegal things we do not, there is more treasure we need not to use illegal means to get


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