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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 21st news recently, high-end fashion catwalk electricity supplier network announces C round of financing 30 million. Since the establishment of the previous seven years from 2008, serves network has won the American venture investment institutions KPCB2000 million investment, and 100 million American Private Equity Fund China investment dollars.

serves network was established in 2008, is the largest China fashion and luxury e-commerce enterprises. Products include clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, cosmetics and other fashion stores, including luxury goods, a second tier international brand and designer brands and domestic brands.

It is understood that the current round of financing

serves network will be used mainly for: first, to create fashion shopping experience; second, consolidate the international supply chain; third, strengthen the innovation and promotion of cross-border O2O; fourth, listed before the start of the capital reserve. It serves network founder and CEO Ji Wenhong, the current network serves more than 10 million registered users, the average price of about 1500 yuan, repeat purchase rate of over 85%.

in fact, since 2008, serves network established in the past seven years, has been in the development of high-end electric exploration, and collapsed in the road of high-end electric family: enjoy the network as expected in 2014 has been closed down, left a pile of so-called high-end luxury light station, many have no sound; the high-end business overseas are not optimistic about the situation, in early April this year, the two luxury British Net-A-Porter and Italy Yoox announced the merger, high-end luxury electric providers encounter the challenges.

serves network founder and CEO Wenhong Ji said, as the high-end fashion business leader, has accumulated rich experience in the network serves the international supply chain, to establish a unique and efficient supply and distribution system in Europe and the United states. In fashion, serves network provides a rich global brand, and stressed that the new keep pace with Europe and the United states. In the competitive price, is different from the overseas individual sporadic purchasing patterns, the network serves only with the well-known European and American enterprises, eliminating the intermediate links, to ensure greater supply of discounts and price concessions.

"the hardest time has passed." Ji Wenhong exclaimed. He admitted that in the past few years, serves network has been in the supply chain model to find the most appropriate solution, and now he thought the best mode is. In the future to do is copy, expand, sign more exclusive cooperation in the name of the store.

Jardine LIAN partner Tan Changwen said that the investment network serves is the long-term observation and analysis of domestic electricity consumption and the development pattern of the decision, Jardine LIAN has a lot of faith in the network serves a stable and efficient management team. Jardine LIAN will together with its investment for the development of enterprises, serves network, especially mobile providers and the Asian market expansion, bring about macro strategic help.

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