Beijing Unicom halted 8 yuan package 1.9G package Taobao Tmall sellers embarrassing situation

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Beijing Unicom suddenly nearly 100 thousand illegal closure package card after a meal card around the interests of the chain surfaced.

yesterday (July 18th), Taobao seller Mr. Jiao to the "daily economic news" reporter revealed that Beijing Unicom added a 8 yuan package 1.9G traffic package highest charges 180 yuan, changed hands several times, after each layer increases 30~50 yuan and then distributed to Taobao Tmall sellers, eventually to sell 400~500 yuan each price to consumers.

in addition to the loss suffered by many consumers, a large number of such packages to undertake the sales terminal – Taobao Tmall sellers also became a victim, facing the loss of funds and credit crisis. On the one hand, consumers require the seller to refund the refund card, on the other hand, there are many of these sellers in the hands of such a package card, can not continue to sell.

Beijing Huicheng lawyer Zhao Zhanling believes that consumers and businesses should not pay for the Beijing Unicom internal problem, Beijing Unicom in consultation with consumers under the condition that the service is stopped alleged breach of contract law.

package card was repeatedly changed hands

well, Beijing Unicom 8 yuan package 1.9G package card in the end is how outflow? This is why the way into the group card to ordinary consumers? Yesterday, Mr. Jiao reduced a around 8 yuan package 1.9G package card interest chain for journalists.

according to Mr. Jiao said, first of all, the first hand the purchaser through the channel operators and Beijing Unicom business hall to buy a lot of mobile phone card, then the mobile phone card to the Beijing Unicom business hall, find a traffic package with authority managers or employees are superimposed 8 yuan package 1.9G.

superposition of a number of 180 yuan, a maximum of about $more than 1 thousand, almost $200 thousand." Jiao said that this is the most profitable link.

after the superposition of the end of the flow package, the first hand will be the first time the purchase of these cards according to the price of 30~50 yuan each distribution out, and those who receive these cards are more channels or Taobao Tmall big seller. Located on the fourth floor of the chain of coke to get the price of these cards have been as high as 320~340 yuan per person, while the price is sold to consumers 400~500 yuan.

however, the content of the reporter has not yet received the response of Beijing unicom.

Taobao Tmall sellers embarrassing situation

A crazy behavior of

caused the attention of Beijing unicom. In July 1st, Beijing Unicom has suddenly closed normal use several months of 8 yuan package 1.9G business. Subsequently, Beijing Unicom announced that 8 yuan package 1.9G alleged theft, a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and Beijing unicom.

however, the closure of tens of thousands of people were in arrears down due to traffic exceed the standard. Consumers Chen said that at the beginning of June.

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