E8 incompatible with thousands of sites Microsoft official website is not spared

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pcpop.com information channel in February 20th Microsoft finally released in March this year, the ultimate version of IE8, and Chinese simplified version in March the first batch of the list, but has recently had a very difficult thing for Microsoft, according to foreign media reports, due to the IE8 browser in the rendering technology and standard support changes that led to a lot of existing sites are not compatible, which is in the new version of the browser can not display properly, and almost all of the mainstream website Chinese list.


IE8 incompatible with thousands of sites (pictures from the Internet)

even more dramatic is that even Microsoft’s own web site microsoft.com and MSN.com.cn can not be the perfect running on the IE8RC.

also has a lot of comments that even if Microsoft launched IE8, but also can save the current IE reduced trend. IE is facing a lot of tough competition. In the past seven months, while the IE market share continued to decline, while other major browser market share is rising. In addition, according to the survey conducted in August last year, the survey has been done to readers, they are willing to switch to IE8; 65% of respondents gave a negative answer. If we can determine the answer is the readers are part of the plan is to upgrade IE users, so it is for Microsoft is not a good news, because it can be seen that those who give up before IE users, not many people will come back by IE8.

attached to the official release of Microsoft and IE8 incompatible part of the site list:

baidu.com, QQ.com, sina.com.cn, 163.com, sohu.com, google.cn, xunlei.com, taobao.com, soso.com, youku.com, MSN.com.cn, hao123.com, tudou.com, gougou.com, google.com, cctv.com, xinhuanet.com……

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