China network literature will be fully purged

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      on the other hand, is a huge market of tens of millions of readers and booming prosperity, but it is a lack of management, illegal content of the frequent occurrence of serious facts.

      this is the current status of China’s network literature, and this development and management completely out of conflict is coming to an end. In August 13, 2007, the computer reported to get exclusive news from the relevant aspects: the relevant state ministries will conduct a comprehensive purges of domestic network literature, and in the purge, the object is not only the network novel, which also includes the popular popular electronic magazine, mobile phone website WAP and other emerging industries.

      a purge of the storm is about to set off in China on the internet.

      official action: 348 pornographic novels published website found

      in August 14, 2007, the General Administration of press and publication, the anti pornography Working Group Office jointly issued the "emergency circular" severely crack down on Internet pornography novels, common on the territory of 348 websites published 40 network pornographic novels were dealt with, the relevant website has been or will be severely punished in the recent. Around the anti pornography office according to the territorial management and "who is in charge, who is responsible for the principle of the publication of the notice of" forty pornographic novels "and" list of network pornographic novels published in the "list of sites, the site immediately ordered within the jurisdiction of the delete pornographic novels list, prohibited any website, link, dissemination of relevant information. The move on the "edge ball" network literature is undoubtedly a fatal blow.

      after the news, the reporter contacted the State Press and Publication Administration for the first time to interview. In the interview, the press and publication administration official said, in the online pornographic novels published in violation of relevant state laws and regulations "," publication "Internet information services management approach" and other relevant provisions, seriously disrupting the order of the network publishing, resulting in an extremely bad social impact, the General Administration of press and publication and the relevant departments will for these sites to implement administrative punishments or even close the site.

      this is a big clean-up of network literature, because there are many drawbacks in the field of network literature. In order to better regulate the field, exclusive information reporters from the relevant aspects of the future, all published literature website should have formal publication license, must to the relevant departments reporting, filing, approval of eligible published literary works. It is said that the next step will be to rectify the "anti pornography" thoroughly, electronic magazine, mobile phone literature will be incorporated into the category of rectification, and even the introduction of new management policy, guide the emerging industry healthy.

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