The recruitment website pattern tentative competition turned the focus of the recruitment effect

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a few years ago from more than 2 thousand to now, real operation but 100, domestic recruitment website has eliminated 90% in just a few years, the profit model is not clear, the recruitment effect is not guaranteed, the lack of a well-known recruitment website in the development process of the three mountains.

According to iResearch

analysis, China network recruitment market in recent years, the survival of the fittest, the influx of capital, advertising war, a large number of small and medium-sized recruitment website already exists. In 2009 Chinese network recruitment market size of more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, the market situation of a situation of tripartite confrontation unchanged, 51job as the representative of the recruitment website advertising omnipresent, location to find second jobs in the white-collar workers, the majority of users perception of recruitment website. Job36 vertical positioning of the site in the industry and regional talent flow, such as the field of industry recruitment and local recruitment site of the Southern talent, aimed at providing precise service subdivision users. The recent emergence of SNS recruitment and search recruitment is still in the stage of market education, such as Renren recruitment and job cool, etc..

data show that from 2004 to 2009 the domestic recruitment website advertising amounted to 1 billion yuan, the high cost of advertising the recruitment website has been at a loss, really get user acceptance site from the original more than 2 thousand to 100 atrophy. Insiders said, listed on the 51job effect, the domestic recruitment website a few years ago is almost but so far rush on like a swarm of hornets, the real earnings of not a few. After trying a variety of models, the major domestic recruitment sites have shifted the focus of competition to the basic recruitment services to attract business users to attract results.

effect of the king, the focus of competition is still in the housekeeping service

recruitment sites rely on to attract users, the answer is the effect. 51job to launch personal fees for value-added services, Job36 launched talent recommendation and launched an interactive recruitment platform, is to enhance the recruitment effect, so as to keep the user, the user is effective and greatly influence the choice of professional recruitment website service. The recruitment website earlier hit "massive data", to resume to attract business users in a network of job recruitment, time has become a hot word and behavior; after the recruitment website in order to seize market share, large advertising campaign, billion a year on advertising brand awareness. The past two years, with the recruitment of the network has become the mainstream recruitment model, the pursuit of recruitment effect has become an important standard for users to choose the recruitment website. Job36 segments of the industry to try to make use of their own industry segments into the market, and to everyone as the representative of the SNS to a strong user resources and interactive platform to participate in competition. Location of recruitment website, the main content of the launch is different, but the key is to launch the "housekeeping skills and service", in order to win effect.

Job36 industry recruitment CEO Wang Liang said, the online recruitment is in a new stage of development, the recruitment website users will be more emphasis on precision, segmentation and effect, with high quality and professional recruitment service > talent pool

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