Anti pornography storm stand operators have found the enemy

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In December 8th

, a Shanghai telecom operator staff Hong Bing (a pseudonym) enter "***.com" in the browser address bar, that has been seized in the November 27th vulgar website, today again, "a stirring among the dry bones". Just at this time the IP address has been abroad, "we cannot," says ice flood.

"anti storm" continues. Following the national anti pornography working group office, the Ministry of public security and other hand turns against pornographic mobile phone website, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators also collective action on the WAP website, SP (value-added service provider) and IDC (Internet Data Center) to conduct a comprehensive investigation into access. However, for telecom operators, "anti" this burden is difficult to independently support.

porn "rebirth"

November 30th, China Internet association Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center an exposure of 10 to some pornographic websites and vulgar website provides Internet access service providers access (ISP), involving units Shanghai Unicom and Jiangxi Railcom operators and Shanghai Electric Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Anhui Yanhuang ISP company.

December 15th, Shanghai Telecom stakeholders briefed reporters on the handling of the incident. In fact, the exposure of Shanghai Telecom Technology Development Co., Ltd. is not a subsidiary of Shanghai Telecom, but only one of its ISP, from the Telecom Data Center (IDC) to hire the server after two sales. 3 bad sites were exposed to access ("our", "Comrade navigation friends" and "sunset home"), which belong to the lower level ISP Shanghai beings Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yucan computer technology limited access, all have record of personal website. After receiving the report in November 27th, Shanghai Telecom will be closed within 1 hours of the site. However, as previously stated, a few days later, the site was closed and "rebirth", domestic operators are also quite difficult.

Hong Bing is also very confused, operators in the access time, require users to provide access to the site for the record qualification, and the initial information provided by the user and there is no problem, but the content of Internet domain name and all the time in the update, the user will be available on the website for the normal transformation of illegal content, or provide the operator the IP address and allowed to open without registration website, this is not a comprehensive real-time monitoring operator to. At present, only to find a deal with one, it is difficult to cure.

telecom operators have found the enemy

public opinion generally believes that operators are monitoring the negative, leading to the proliferation of pornographic websites. But in Shanghai intellectual property lawyer Yunting said, "who is illegal, who bear the responsibility. Telecom operators like the landlord, the site is like a tenant, the tenant made the law, the landlord in the case of the unknown, should not bear joint and several liability."

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