Webmaster B2C mall how to do network marketing

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online shopping mall is more and more large, well-known industry class integrated mall, including: Jingdong, Dangdang, excellence, clothing, etc.. Brands have begun to do their own online shopping malls include: Lining online stores, vero-moda Chinese mall, Monroe underwear monopoly network, etc.. Single class products have been in the online creation of certain types of products include: Toys franchise store Amoy net, 315 gifts network, green Mantis IT Mall (heard from the website of IT168) and so on. Traditional stores have to test the water e-commerce includes: Gome online shopping mall, Cheap Road clothing wholesale market, etc..

in the e-commerce era also spawned bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a new network marketing industry. Some S side has been able to find a lot of friends to do marketing, or job hopping to do a certain brand of electronic mall marketing, or start to build their own mall to go. From the headhunter who learned that in recent years, network marketing professionals, especially with extensive experience in network marketing experts, out of the average monthly salary of around 1W.


network of the city more and more, more and more products waiting out through the network marketing, the importance of network marketing, necessity is more outstanding, network marketing and network marketing knowledge has become more and more precious. Today, a little bit of S to talk about how to do online shopping network marketing!

at present, we are generally concerned about the first level of online shopping mall: Click rate. But unlike other portals mall or entertainment sites, have enough to attract users of local mall; is the real needs of the users or potential users purchase desire, so the general level of the mall real hits on 5000ip/

even started!

network mall marketing second levels: flow conversion rate (ie, the conversion rate) is a few visits to each IP can contribute to a single. Order conversion rate is low, even if the site traffic, but the real amount of purchase is very few. Therefore, the electronic mall to see the effect of network marketing must be divided into two steps: adhere to the real hit up to do, then to improve the flow conversion! Do flow is simple, the original some do traditional expert network promotion can do, but do network order is a relatively new knowledge, is worth doing network marketing friends offer solutions, summed up the practical experience. Some S shallow summary order conversion rate and at least a few factors related:

first, the network mall to have their own network characteristics, to attract the attention of Internet users. For example, all kinds of brand sports shoes are cheaper than the store, the market can not find the books, a star used props mall and so on; to have their own product features to attract our products to buy the crowd. Let the mall’s own characteristics reflected in order to effectively seize the opportunity of industry competitors on the network.

secondly, so that some users want to be greedy greedy. The same commodity, go to the shopping mall to buy 500, you also sell online, plus the user must pay their own freight, anxiously waiting for the hands of the product on the

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