On the development and popularization of literary fiction website

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was inspired by the king of the QQ group QQ group, decided to start writing some articles. So start from their familiar novel station promotion. Search engine promotion is SEOer, I SEO to talk about so utterly ignorant of. No more talk about literature search promotion, the station, the lady who welcome paizhuan.

1, Baidu promotion. Baidu’s traffic is heavy, easy to derive, battleground.

first find some hot words, that is, the more popular title. I find the way to give two web site:

http://s.top.baidu.com/index2.html? C=1& s=4


well, Panlong Post Bar, Panlong Panlong Wikipedia, know that everybody should know how to make it. Brothers, up!! note: some friends say, post bar post is easy to be K, because this article does not involve the search engine, so do not take into account.

2, start, watermark, brand.

first station, the first time to reprint the site of the book, and then the other second or more than the time of the acquisition of the collection station. This kind of site, often with their own watermark in the reproduced picture, when the other station of books to see, unconsciously, there will be some impression, when to see more, you can write down, but the memory is not easy to forget. Of course, the starting point is the need for a certain amount of capital investment, not much, hundreds of months can do a good job every month, the text of the station can also recruit their own hand in the hands of the team.

when a starting station for a long time, you can form their own reproduced brand. Memory domain name becomes a very natural thing. I remember there was a station, 600 thousand IP, 200 thousand by engine, the other stations came to the 100 thousand, and the other was the old customer of 300 thousand. The station has been screened spiders, there are so powerful. Specifically how to do the first, I do not say, it is not difficult, brothers, on!

3, novel search to flow. (it’s because most people don’t know)

novel search, as the name suggests, is a collection of specialized search engine. These stations are usually sticky web site is relatively large, users are often looking for some of the latest updates. When it contains your station, you can get a steady flow of. It is said that there is a well-known novel search engine, one day to some stations to bring at least 60 thousand IP traffic. Of course, part of the comparison of the novel search cattle need to charge, have to queue. There’s no one here. Here’s a free collection of novel search for example:

such as free e-books, www.mfdzs.com both sides of the flow are calculated, the conversion rate is not high. However, this method is often not high collection conditions. All you need is an engine

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