What are the benefits of soft marketing

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is a kind of marketing is probably the best belongs to marketing, why? Why many companies are the company’s main operating strategy in marketing, but also opened a A5 station network marketing training. This shows that the soft marketing is indeed a lot of marketing staff love. So today, I explain the benefits of soft Ceng Guanghong with the marketing of what?

1, the main source of site traffic

Internet information transmission is the most widely used, because the Internet is always an unlimited amount of increase in the content, as long as we can put the soft Wen written released in good platform, then you write the information can be tens of thousands of people to read. Soft Wen can be divided into technical, funny, so we released the soft when we can put some of our commercial information into it, such a marketing tool to complete the.

2, improve the site included ranking

search engine is more important in the soft, like the same importance as soft news, so many people write in the soft at first will put some words into the soft little competition, this ranking of key words is a very good help, but in the latter can in the title or description keywords large insert competition. This will allow you to be more powerful keywords search engine rankings.

3, soft website to enhance the credibility of

A5 and chianz to contribute if people know, the general is not to pass the manuscript, which indicates that wenyiding is based on high quality, and the reliability of the. The only thing you have to get the approval of others will have the corresponding credibility, so the credibility of A5, chianz is also derived.

4, soft text to enhance the reputation of the site

as time goes by this credibility will continue to increase. Gradually will get used to this website. Take A5, chianz is a web site every day I will go to see, if you want to ask me why every day to see I don’t know why. If you really want to say that I can only say that the two sites very good sense. Because every day to A5, see Chinaz above this paper can get some new harvest, so I think this site is very helpful to me, and I will not hesitate to recommend people around the site, perhaps this is the influence of word-of-mouth.

5, soft the user into a fan

for the website every day we have access to new users and old users, some companies operating every day you know to dig new users but ignore the old users, in fact this is not wise, because the gate for the users is the most critical, however, is a soft gate users the best means. The above Ceng Guanghong also tells to you provide value to the user, then the user will support you, naturally become your loyal fans.

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