B2B to think about the question what is the customer’s customer needs

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webmaster online e-commerce website "personal views", a simple look, a bit disappointed, I have no meaning to belittle others. Objectively speaking, this article is a list of some ideas, can be on the front page is degrading stationmaster net image. Suggest stationmaster net can refer to " FT Chinese network; " the draft ideas, less fine. And for some fine article, give the corresponding reward, in order to win reputation and long-term loyalty.

combined with my own experience in the traditional industry for several years to talk about their own understanding of the functions of the B2B industry website.

At present, the

e-commerce sites are trying to solve the supplier, because it is the site of the customer. This is right. But at present do industry website for most of the people who are not our experience. What is the driving factor for an industry consumption, inevitably some think of.


website is to solve the supplier needs, what is the real needs of suppliers? Is to address the needs of the purchaser! For each industry has its own distribution pattern, so there may be more than one level distribution in the channel, there is " the purchaser the purchaser the purchaser " needs to be solved; so. Around the " final purchaser; " made out of the shopping guide and other modules will than your group purchase exhibition, business information is much more effective. The module design, related to the marketing practice content, there are a lot of interests, the general need to do two times the distribution of profits, it is not deep talk, to be sure, the professional B2B website if there is no traditional industry veteran to do the process planner, absolutely is not good


is a fact that many users know they need, but is not sure what kind of products can meet their own needs. They use the Internet, not to find products, but can find solutions to solve their own. But at present most of the sites are the default user is already clear know their own needs. This is the wrong.

in marketing ideas

for example, we do a food B2B website. The first thought should not be a collection of products or product supply demand, and should be " end users " food; " customer customer " thinking activities, such as a large restaurant. Winter comes, they will increase a dish: they need not Hot pot, to find a product, but to find Hot pot class recipes. The idea is that I’d like to open a Hot pot, I want to find the most suitable for my Hot pot dishes, and then find to do this kind of Hot pot should use ingredients, then find the ingredients suppliers. And then transferred to the ingredients suppliers (wholesalers or manufacturers) can provide the test report (photo number, video promotion policy, the better), group purchase policy content. And they hope every link is a credit guarantee, such as recipes provided Supply is a well-known hot pot chain chefs provide.


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