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starting today, small benevolence will to you just contact the site of the novice friends to introduce some basic knowledge about website promotion experience and some small benevolence.

website promotion, simply put, is through a variety of means and ways to launch your website to let more people know your site, so that more people visit your site. The importance of website promotion is self-evident, whether a website is effective promotion, decided whether the site can have a good income. Because only access to more people, your site is the premise of income. A website that no one visits, it is impossible to gain.

So how to promote

website? What are the methods? Some experience here small benevolence is his website for several years to accumulate, with some website promotion methods we simply enumerate the most commonly used small kernel. As for the specific operation of various methods, due to space limitations, here is not a detailed description. After further detailed explanation.


one, pay promotion.

1, publish ads.

2, Baidu bidding.

3, prizes.

two, free promotion.

1, through the forum, community promotion.

2, through QQ space, blog, SNS promotion.

3, through QQ and other instant messaging tools to promote.

4, through the question and answer system to promote.

5, through the classification of information to promote.

6, mail promotion.

7, publish classified supply and demand information.

8, exchange links.

9, soft speculation.

10, search engine optimization.

11, viral promotion.

probably so many kinds of it, this is a small kernel three years to contact or use the site to promote a large summary. Hope to give you some inspiration.

here to give you a tip, that is not to think that the way to pay for the promotion of promotion is better than free. I personally feel that the promotion of payment in the effect of free promotion is almost the same, but the way to pay more time and effort. So, we give you the site to do the promotion program, we must first calm analysis of your financial problems and the development of the site planning.

in front of a small kernel for all of the commonly used various promotion methods. Starting from the following, small benevolence will explain in detail the use of each promotion methods and the need to pay attention to the problem. Many novice to see the old webmaster summed up the promotion method Daquan, in the course of the actual operation is always no effect, so I feel old Adsense flicker. Actually not

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