New media car after the car was plum venture capital investment 24 million yuan

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news January 8th, new media "car car later announced that the company in Japan before the completion of the second round of 24 million yuan financing. This round of investment, venture capital investment led by the plum angel Beijing done with investment funds.

According to

, "the car after the official introduction, the company was founded in October 20, 2014, the" car "WeChat subscription number number of fans nearly 2 million, 60% to 80, 90 people, and has a subscription number of clusters, tribal communities as well as the Web site, the car car has launched on the day before the answer App. At the end of 2014, after the car has received BlueFocus investment.

investment for "car", plum Angel ventures founding partner Wu Shichun explained his reasons: "one is optimistic about the auto industry market capacity, in the pre-sale customer service level is about two trillions; a car after a year of achievements and new media play; third is the most important thing about this team.

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