Baidu’s acquisition of popn, a venture capital firm in University of Tokyo, strengthens the global

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, according to Japan’s economic news’s well-known technology media ITPRO reported that China’s Internet search giant Baidu’s Japanese branch in June 8th, announced the acquisition of University of Tokyo to support the creation of the native advertising company popIn. PopIn is an advertising technology company that has a web browser based on Internet users and is likely to be interested. Baidu will introduce popIn technology to strengthen China, Japan and other global advertising distribution business.


popIn is one of the joint projects supported by University of Tokyo, founded in July 2008. University of Tokyo venture capital east Edge Capital (UTEC) and other Internet advertising companies to participate in the investment of popIn. Through the acquisition of Baidu Japan made all the shares, but undisclosed amount of acquisition.

popIn independently developed READ technology to monitor the user’s Web site after the residence time to assess user satisfaction with the content. Through the user is careful to read the content is just a simple jump and other rough judgment, to infer whether the user is interested in the content. On the basis of the results of this judgment, more accurately to the user may be interested in pushing their ads.


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