XaaS era explosive growth in cloud services

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XaaS era (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Tong Yun) August 15th Beijing time news, the U.S. IT NetworkWorld website recently published freelance writer Kristen · Burns (Christine Burns) the article said, cloud services are made explosive growth, with "-aaS" as a suffix of the cloud service is at a dizzying rate of growth, this kind of service industry The Open Group called "XaaS" is for all cloud related services summary. The article points out that by 2015 the global XaaS market will total more than $40 billion.

The following is the full text of this article:

if you pay close attention to the development of cloud computing, then no doubt you will be familiar with the software as a service (SaaS), the term is typically associated with Salesforce.com; or is familiar with the "infrastructure as a service" (infrastructure-as-a-service, IaaS), Amazon is a pioneer in this field. But are you familiar with CaaS, SECaaS, DaaS, MaaS and BaaS?

According to the

The Open Group said the industry organization, these new "service" acronym is classified as XaaS (pronounced [zass]). According to the National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST), XaaS is a generalization of all cloud related services.

XaaS is used to describe any reminiscent of any reusable services, fine-grained software companies, software companies distributed in a virtualized cloud network. If you put on the market as a public cloud service delivery to the application, application infrastructure and system infrastructure integration is expected, it will draw a data, by 2015 the total global XaaS market will exceed $40 billion.

The most common example of

XaaS is the "software as a service", "infrastructure as a service" and "platform as a service" (platform as a service, PaaS). However, "as a service" this suffix is at a dizzying rate of growth, the following is only a part of the existing cloud services in the field of such services:

– storage as a service (storage as a service, abbreviated as SaaS)

– security as a service (security as service, SECaaS)


– database as a service (database as service a, DaaS)


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