Guangdong investigate large cross-border, network MLM cases of more than seven thousand square meter

Category lgcmzbzh October 30 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Ye ago) Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong province 30 report says, in the fight against illegal pyramid schemes crime special action, public security and industry and commerce departments investigate MLM cases since more than and 200, a number of large cross-border network marketing case is being investigated, cleaning up the marketing personnel severance more than seven thousand people.

Deputy researcher of Guangdong province

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Economic Inspection Bureau staff Chen Tiejun said, according to the tendency of marketing activities is violence, crime, the special action focus from the original inventory to drive into the criminal, work by the public security organ with the industrial and commercial departments to carry out remediation transformation to the public security organs for investigation of criminal pyramid the case, increase the criminal crackdown on pyramid schemes.

according to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director of the office of Wu Wuqiang, the special action in the public security organs set up the organization leadership pyramid schemes case 228, case 192, detained 577 suspects, involving about 3000000000 Yuan; uncovered involving transfer of the crime of illegal detention crime case 432, detained 1276 people.

involved in a number of large number of people involved, the large amount of social impact of a wide range of MLM cases investigated. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other 7 cities in Guangdong and Hong Kong for active cross-border marketing "Bisi MLM activities focus on combat, criminal detention MLM leaders 80 people, administrative penalties to participate in personnel and provide the conditions for the Bisi activities of the operators and law firms.

law enforcement agencies have also dealt with a number of large network MLM cases. Shenzhen city investigation involving 26 provinces (municipalities), the development of offline membership of more than 210 thousand people, involving about 2000000000 of the electricity trade through the large network of prominent cases, involving about 1000000000 yuan, involving 15 provinces, 139 thousand members of the MSA holdings of financial pyramid schemes. Jiangmen City cracked AHK Australia Huijin financial games sites suspected pyramid schemes, captured the MLM organization leader and backbone of 10 members.

"pull the head" gathered type MLM was crackdown. Shaoguan city and the name "Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd." under the banner of intimidation, corporal punishment, fire, assault and other violent means to force people to buy "products" of the pyramid Gang, the 14 main members jingfangxingju. Shenzhen, Dongguan, Jiangmen and other places dealt with a group under the banner of "Sun God" under the banner of the aggregated MLM activities, 53 jingfangxingju.

according to the investigators, from the cases investigated in recent years, pyramid selling activities with a variety of techniques, deceptive strong; the use of technical means, strong concealment; violent, criminal; cross-border characteristics.

therefore, the business sector joint public security organs to establish two-way transfer mechanism, the MLM organization leader and backbone of the public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility, the other participants and provide places for the marketing activities of the main rental, hotel operators, industrial and commercial departments of administrative punishment according to law. In addition, will also strengthen law enforcement cooperation between regions, launch detection battle, battle of inter cluster, >

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