nternet gambling case exposed gray chain silver year suction gold million

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news Xuzhou Lee as the game site, silver business, through the network account, bank transfer and other ways to buy and sell virtual game currency, just 1 years of book inflows of up to tens of millions of dollars. 25, the province’s first network gambling case in Nanjing city Liuhe District People’s court.

29 year old Li Mouceng is an ordinary player gambling sites, occasionally with other players to exchange game currency. November 2013 to October 2014, Lee opened a shop on Taobao two, and employs the other 4 defendants as customer service, specializing in the sale and repurchase of virtual gaming sites gambling sites.

in recent years, in the spread of online gambling and crazy players, there is a hidden interest class – silver business, specializing in virtual currency and RMB exchange settlement. With the trial of the case, "silver" operation process gradually surfaced: "silver" from gambling to win the game player and the other hand "silver" acquisition of virtual game currency, and then sold to the general game player, game player through the Taobao network account or contact money business, after paying the "Silver" in the game in order to give the game currency to the other party; if some games do not set free, in the Dezhou poker game deliberately lose money for each other. Between buying and selling, silver business to earn a steady stream of spreads. In just 1 years, the amount of water carrying up to more than 1300 Yuan Li, and he himself from illegal profit of $500 thousand.

Liuhe court court judge Wu Shiping told reporters, "silver" simply reselling virtual game currency, does not belong to the judicial interpretation of the provisions of the gambling sites provide funds for payment and settlement services ", often can only identify the constitute the crime of gambling crackdown, co.. (Gu Min)

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