12306 nternet conjecture need to open operations to carry out value-added services

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in many domestic electricity providers have entered the winter at the end of 2011, when all the country home to the new year from sitting in front of the computer with perseverance tears repeated mouse left click action, a large electricity supplier of the new site within a short period of time turned out, online booking is also a time to become the hottest topic of discussion in the community.

data show that in the 40 days of Spring Festival this year, Chinese will have a total of 3 billion 158 million passengers take various transportation. Thanks to the world’s largest periodic population migration has given, train tickets have become one of the hottest China most scarce commodity. It is reported that in the first 7 days of 2012, the official website of the Ministry of Railways customer service network has been more than 1 billion times the number of hits per day. Some experts believe that China Railway 12306 customer service website may reach the world’s first instant". You know, the year 2003 defeated taobao.com eBay founded, after 3 years of marketing to reach 9 million people landed at the same time; be regarded as growth miracle of the Jingdong store, after several rounds of financing to expand the scale, after 8 years of registered users reached 28 million; and just a few months time, the number of registered users 12306 net is over ten million level the. According to Alexa data show that in January 12, 2012, visit the www.12306.cn website within 7 days of Internet users worldwide users accounted for 0.902%, one-day visit to 12306.cn soared to 90 in the world, approaching eightieth of the Jingdong store, quickly entered the world’s largest electricity supplier companies list.

however, in the current "all the electricity supplier website user experience, the 12306 network ranked first, I believe that most people will have opinions: login slow, unable to pay, deduct money ticket, not easily collapse, let sit in front of the computer to the passengers complained, miserable home. Some netizens have statistics, found that at least 500 times on average to buy a ticket. However, although it is the worst user experience, but it can be said to be the most cattle in the history of the electricity supplier: not to do a penny advertising, a single day approaching Jingdong, the product in short supply, the first rate deserved. See this scene, it is estimated that those who still want to continue to hit heavily in Baidu advertising, tangled in the service and the user experience of the electricity supplier companies are not cold on the first to be wronged cry dead. Such bad shopping experience, we have to humble with it, the reason is very simple, we want to buy things "this one does not have a branch". If the rules allow, I believe that the Ministry of Railways to raise the price of twenty percent, we still have to rush to buy. If the 12306 network can give us a little inspiration, but also in this, the best thing to do is to sell a high degree of scarcity of goods, popular look, is to rely on the difference between the price competition on the road.

12306 platform listed, then the valuation of more than 10 billion yuan." A senior railway ministry has told the media. In any case, such a large platform, the future direction of the 12306 network will be developed, we can not help but think. If >

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