Marvel Comics Promises Fresh Start With LineWide Relaunch This May

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first_imgStay on target Jake Gyllenhaal Avoids Questions About Mysterio in Sinister SixCan Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? This Spring, Marvel Comics will initiate a line-wide relaunch. Readers can expect new series, new creative teams, new directions, and new beginnings, according to a video released today on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel.“Not since Marvel Now have we had such an overarching line-wide change of talent on Marvel Comics’ line,” said editor-in-chief C.B Cebulski in the latest video. According to chief creative officer, Joe Quesada, the upcoming books are not only bringing “fresh new ideas,” but are also perfect entry points for both old and new readers. “If you haven’t read a comic before, if you’re an old lapsed fan and you want to come back, it’s a perfect opportunity to do it.”A great example of Marvel Comics’ promise to both change and return to basics is with the upcoming Avengers book. Instead of multiple titles, there will now be a single Avengers book on store shelves. The title, written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ed McGuinness, will feature the “Big Three”: Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, along with a rotating roster of heroes. Like his run on Thor, Aaron’s Avengers will have stories taking place in the present and past. Specifically, the portions set in the past will focus on the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. introduced in Marvel Legacy #1.Since this is a fresh start for the company, Marvel plans to revert many of its books to #1. Some titles will retain their legacy numbering, but for the most part, expect a new crop of first issues. This is in line with the company’s goal of making the books accessible to all.Though Marvel Comics sold more books than any other publisher in 2017, the industry as a whole suffered a 10% drop in revenue during the year. Hopefully, this new initiative will not only help Marvel Comics, but the overall comic book industry. Marvel promises updates in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more news.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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