PaRappa the Rapper kick punch and chops his way into a new

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first_imgSay it with me now: “Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind! If you wanna test me, I’m sure you’ll find the things I’ll teach ya is sure to beat ya. But nevertheless, you’ll get a lesson from teacher!”It’s been 20 years since the appearance of PaRappa the Rapper‘s iconic rhythm game for the PlayStation which, like many things in this life, makes us feel old as hell. But the gamers of the 90s are being rewarded for their long lived love of old games.In a time of bringing back nostalgia bombs, Japanese broadcasting network Fuji TV has announced they will be airing the first episode of anime PJ Berri’s Mogu Mogu Munya Munya (PJ Berri’s Munch Munch Nap Nap) on August 19th.The main character of the show is PJ Berri, who loves eating, napping, and music. He loves looking generally morose, too.He is joined by our favorite rapping dog PaRappa, who will exude the same overflowing confidence in himself, his friends, and whatever it is he happens to be doing at that moment. His clothes have changed slightly, now sporting an apron for the cafe he works at called Chop Chop Fruits. Let’s just thank the anime gods that his hat has stayed the same, though.Of course, Master Onion makes a comeback as well. In the show, he is the owner of the Chop Chop Fruits cafe. We assume hilarious dance battles will have to take place in order to keep the place running.Although PaRappa the Rappa originally featured English voices for both their Japanese and international releases, the new show will have Japanese voice actors taking over. PaRappa is voiced by Yuto Suzuki, PJ Berri by Jun Osaka, and Master Onion by Yoji Ueda.The premiere airs in just a few days, with the regular season becoming part of Fuji TV’s weekly Hi Poul programming block starting this October. The episodes are short and sweet at 96 seconds, just enough time to get some kick, punch, and block moves in!We know you all want to listen to this song again, so just click play.Images via DengekiOnline.comlast_img

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