Three nternet business history in Hubei province Zou Ling prodigy

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is located in a spacious office on the longevity Road, dozens of employees are working in front of the computer, this is where the city league game. One corner of the office of the independent room, the reporter saw the city alliance CEO – Zou ling.

prior to this, Zou Lingceng created a business network, if the adjacent".

in fact, if the adjacent network is already the second time Zou Ling business, as early as in 1999, he created a management software company – heterogeneous information technology. 5 years later, he left the alliance to establish a neighbor. In the next 3 years, if he has done, he will turn to the casual online games.

about 3 times their own entrepreneurial experience, once known as the "Hubei province prodigy" Zou Ling jokes that his "born stupid, the first two entrepreneurs are not very successful, so to keep on fighting". In fact, before the two companies have received international venture investment, currently operating smoothly, but Zou Ling’s view is that "when you find the change is too slow, some things I can not drive, the best option is to change a thing to do."

"I don’t see a chance to grow fast"

, from different Wealink to city alliance, Zou Ling every venture and related to the Internet, he attributed this to their own professional advantage.

in April 1999, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University near Zou Ling and three other students founded the different information technology company. That is to catch up with the rise and development of the Internet, people like a swarm of bees to establish various websites. Zou Ling believes that, instead of going to the gold with others, it is better to send water to the gold rush." Thus, the choice of the different sites to provide background technical services. Soon after, with the collapse of a large number of sites, the United States began to look for new opportunities.

let Zou Ling impressive is that when he went to Chongqing to see a heavy vehicle factory, sell dozens of cars on the factory every year, but the branches around the country are doing sales and maintenance, because the information is not synchronized, often appear "customer’s money has not paid, often to repair the situation at that time, but also no good way to solve the remote inventory, financial information and logistics management problems.

Zou ridge they will be proposed for manufacturers to establish a distribution system around the program. After obtaining a good feedback, and the strategic alliance to contact a lot of enterprises, in this process, the idea for the production of enterprise management software for customers gradually formed. By the end of 2000, the United States and China to get more than 2 million U.S. dollars of venture capital investment, becoming one of the most important projects in china.

to 2004, Zou Ling said he saw some of the "difficult to rely on their own strength to overcome things", "if the company’s early development relies on advanced technology, the latter mainly depends on the industry experience and the accumulation of customer resources. The company has now come to an industry solution in the field, which is a very competitive field, it is not easy to stand firm".

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