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yesterday, the reporter learned from the supplier, group purchase website "Wanke group" has no operations, from the person responsible for customer service were unable to contact. The reporter noted, "Wanke group" page also hung a trusted site demonstration unit "and" credit star "Credit Union certification, but the site has been unable to provide normal services. A large group of Web site executives revealed that these credit union are mostly furnishings, the main way of profit for the collection of membership fees and money to delete posts".

credit certification into group purchase "standard"

reporter repeatedly call 10000 group "400" customer service hotline, no one answered, according to suppliers revealed that the QQ service also haven’t logged in for several weeks. Insiders said that the current similar to the 10000 group "this number in group purchase website is numerous," although you can display, but has no operation, extremely easy to cause damage to the interests of consumers. Reporters found browsing, "recognized icon credit union" has almost become a "standard group purchase website". It is understood that the current mainstream "Credit Union website" includes "e-commerce credit certification", "trusted site model" and "credit star", "network authentication" and so on, the lead agency are in prefix, such as the Ministry of Commerce Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center, China Electronic Commerce Association and Chinese the Internet credit evaluation center.

, according to industry sources, the first one in prefix institutions although seemingly normal, but in fact only a folk organization. In fact, the agency has only 5 employees, including a person in charge and the so-called "analyst", the work is generally search for some consumer rights information, and posted on their website." An industry source told reporters. Reporter survey found that the site has a lot of complaint information is only the name of the post is different, but the content is almost identical.

certification level to see the money under the dish

reporter to call a certification body to consumers, asking them to buy a website to help consumers rights issues. The site customer service, said the agency is just a platform, and did not help consumers rights. In addition, the reporter noted that the certificate on the identification of the basic information for the enterprise, the industry and Commerce Bureau in the region are reflected in the website.

is a large group purchase website executives said, where he often received similar "group purchase Enterprises Credit Union calls, mostly pull enterprises" membership ", and pay the cost of. "We also joined the two credit unions." The official said that the cost of credit certification to join in a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, the higher the level of certification, the more money will be paid. The price range is very large, almost all can be discussed, the specific amount of money depends on the ability to negotiate." The sources, where he spent 6000 yuan group purchase website "application" to a "prefix credit certification, prices in the industry is" cheap".

complaints into a money making tool

in addition, the "credit union" of the second earned >

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