Turning a negative to a positive Alternatives to neknominate gather pace

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first_imgUpdated 11pm(Youtube / David Stapleton)THE HASHTAG #RAKnomination was trending on Twitter in Ireland this afternoon as people reject the neknomination” drinking game in favour of something more positive.Ógra Fianna Fáil is one of a number of groups who have got on board to promote the approach and have advocated donating a pint of blood instead of filming yourself drinking a pint of alcohol.RAKnomination refers to “random acts of kindness” and involves people doing just that and nominating others to do so.A Facebook page dedicated to the idea was set up yesterday and already has a number of videos posted to it.Another similar idea “nekdonate” has also reached Ireland as the video above shows.The video shows David Stapleton donating €5 to Temple Street Children’s Hospital and then nominating two friends to do something similar.Ógra Fianna Fáil has been more specific in asking people to donate a pint of blood to charity instead of drinking a pint of alcohol.“This is an opportunity to turn something destructive into something more positive,” says Uachtarán of Ógra Fianna Fáil Kate Feeney.“We are calling on people to consider spending the time donating a pint of blood to help save a life, rather than risking their own safety by downing a pint of alcohol simply to impress others.”Read: ‘Will it take my brother’s death for people to realise how stupid neknomination is?’ >Read: ‘Neknomination’ is the new social media craze >last_img

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