Mobile network launched online gaming platform for community innovation profit model

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community flow to maintain growth with new tactics. In the past the community owners are unable to solve the problem of profit tutorial how to create new community traffic flow, network launched a new online community platform, open up new ideas for stationmaster, also created new profit model to the community.

according to the latest statistics of CNNIC, there are currently 450 thousand people at home, there are more than 1 million 500 thousand of the personal website, covering more than 5 billion of page visits and more than 80 million of the user groups. Many online tutorials, will introduce how to get more traffic practices, and these practices are mostly through the flow of income obtained by the current community to support. Webmasters are less able to make community traffic continued to increase natural means.

and includes a variety of advertising alliances and other means to provide a profit to the owners, can only reflect the current value of the community, once the community traffic instability, it will affect the survival of the site.

network said that the new bubble play online community platform, with the user in the web game in consumption as a share of income, far higher than the single community advertising alliance brings the user to click on ads advertising value. According to iResearch survey shows that in 2007 China’s web game users pay ARPU (ARPU-Average Revenue Per, that is, the average payment per user) value of 67 yuan. Network bubble play platform based multiple web pages for the user to choose the game at the same time, the CPS sales percentage is far more than the domestic e-commerce sales into CPS mode, pay web game users ARPU value per game users can bring $20 in revenue for the community, while the average advertising alliance each user general revenue of 1 yuan in the following, only a few advertisers are expensive.

to bring huge revenue to the community at the same time, the strong interaction of the game itself, to bring more activity and flow to the community. This is the advertising alliance itself can not do. IResearch recently launched "2007-2008 Chinese web game industry development report" shows that 60% of users choose the game once a page, will continue to play more than 1 years, and another 23.3% of the users in the first half to 1 years.

this platform has attracted the domestic Travian "tribal war", "martial arts" and "business tycoon" three web games stationed. Mobile network revealed that more cooperation with the domestic well-known Web game developers are being discussed in the short term will be at least 10 excellent web games stationed in the platform.

it is reported that this is not the first time the mobile network to create revenue for community owners. Prior to this, the mobile network has worked with Ali mother, money paid through cooperation platform for community owners to open up new revenue channels.

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