Chengdu industrial and commercial regulation buy site six site was a deadline

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last December, the Chengdu industrial and commercial development of a large group of special rectification website (referring to the operating group buying site) work. As of yesterday, has been ordered to 6 group purchase website notice, the deadline for raising the business license; the two legal website operators are inconsistent with the actual business address, have been ordered to issue a notice of change, the timely change of business address.

Chengdu credit information and network transaction monitoring staff, said Ceng Yong, Chengdu City, a total of more than and 300 buy site, which large buy site more than and 10. As a new thing, group purchase site there are some problems in the operation process, the obvious point is that the site did not show group purchase business license, to consumers and businesses after a dispute, no complaints.

in December 15th last year, the Chengdu industry and Commerce carried out the 14 major business group purchase website of the special rectification work, focusing on the "bright business" and "real" work to 6 "bright" group purchase website issued a notice ordered to change, the deadline for raising the business license. If the network refused to buy, according to the light, will face a fine of 10 thousand yuan or less administrative penalties.

Ceng Yong said that the industry and commerce departments to allow the bright light in the form of diversification, both the business license can be scanned photos published on the front page of the site can also provide a link. Next, Chengdu industry and Commerce will also consider the bright light to expand the scope of cooperation with the group to buy the major businesses. West China Metropolis Daily (


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