Rwanda UN tribunal suspends defence investigators implicated in genocide

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In a statement released from the ICTR’s Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania, the court’s Registrar, Adama Dieng, said three of the defence investigators, whose contracts had already expired, were on the list of suspects for genocide maintained by the authorities in Rwanda, and their cases were pending before the Prosecutors of Kigali and Gikongoro.The fourth, whose contract expires next month, is currently under investigation by UN chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte for crimes allegedly committed during the 1994 genocide.”It is of utmost importance to stress that, in making these decisions, the Registry of the International Tribunal makes no presumption of the guilt of these individuals for the crimes of which they are suspected or accused,” Mr. Dieng said.The Tribunal would reconsider the four for clearance for employment by any defence counsel should the Rwandan justice system or the ICTR clear them of all charges, Mr. Dieng added.

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