Benkirane Jennifer Lopez Concert Contained Sexually Suggestive Scenes

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Rabat – A week after the controversy sparked by singer Jennifer Lopez at the opening ceremony of the 14th annual Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco’s head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane added his voice to a sizable number of Moroccans who expressed their outrage at the suggestive wardrobe of the American singer during her performance.The concert was broadcast by Moroccan channel 2M and was viewed by millions of viewers. During the concert and immediately following, scores of Moroccan took to social media and expressed their rejection of the “indecent” way in which “J-Lo” appeared on stage in “total disrespect of Morocco’s traditions.”Benkirane expressed his displeasure at the concert broadcast  by the public television network, pointing out that the concert contained sexually suggestive scenes. The concert contained “passages with sexual innuendo that undermine modesty, and provoke the religious and moral values of Moroccan society.”Benkirane added that the channel’s management did not make any effort to intervene to stop the broadcast of the concert despite the fact that it was not live, allowing for the possibility of editing to take place prior to broadcast.“The broadcast of the concert is a blatant violation of the Moroccan Constitution, of audiovisual legislation, and legal provisions related to the company SOREAD 2M,” Benkirane added.Based on this “flagrant violation,” Benkirane called on the High Authority for Audio-visual Communication (HACA) to take “its legal provisions regarding this violation, as it did with others.”

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