Minister Choubani Denies His Mother Refused His Engagement With Another Woman

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Rabat – Habib Choubani, Minister Delegate in Charge of Relations between Parliament and Civil Society, reacted to the rumor regarding his engagement with his colleague in the government, Soumia Benkhladoun, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Executive Training.While the minister did not deny that he asked for the hand of his colleague, he denies that he wanted to marry another woman last year and that his mother did not approve of the woman he chose.“The Widely circulated news suggesting that my engagement to another woman was aborted because of the refusal of my mother is “false information,” he said. The Minister, who is already married, also dismissed the rumor that he decided to propose to Soumia Benkhaldoun after the rumors spread by Hamid Chabat, the leader of the Istiqlal party, on the romance between the two ministers.The Arabic-speaking newspaper Akhbar Al Youm said in its April 15th issue that Minister Habib Choubani, accompanied with his first wife, had officially asked for the hand of Soumia Benkhaldoun. Choubani’s mother had reportedly blessed the engagement of the “ministerial couple.”Soumia Benkhaldoun released a statement on her Facebook page in the wake of accusations brought up against her by Hamid Chabat.The Minister said that allegations made by Chabat were “false” and constituted a “flagrant violation of the ethics of Islam, the traditions of the Moroccan people, with regards to the sanctity of families, and the private lives of individuals.”

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