You should learn the strategies of the Three Kingdoms

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is the world trend, long, long time.

So is the

products, no matter what the product will always occupy the throne, is just a matter of time. But before that you still need to constantly improve themselves, today we look at the Three Kingdoms in the marketing strategy!

a sworn brothers.

said that a gang of three men, a fence of the three piles, especially in this fast-paced era, if you have single-handed alone, you will find the road so hard to go


some people may be different, but Liu Bei’s martial arts than Wuhu, resourcefulness than Zhuge, the only power can cry shake the skies, how many soldiers to surrender?

1 is a sincere and honest, whether it is a customer or a consumer, if you can not see the sincerity, naturally do not believe your products, but also to talk about business cooperation?

2 struck near the side knock to do publicity, in many ways, let them inadvertently hear about your product news, subconsciously marketing to the recognition of the others, if not negative news, will more or less increase your credit.



said Sangumaolu, had two points there.

1 Zhu Geliang: Mr. Wolong if really want to retire in Taoyuan, presumably three Liu Bei’s also found his, with small initial opinion, Mr. Zhuge actually intends to do something for the world. Here have to say Mr. Zhuge’s marketing done well, he managed to let the world know, know Wollongang has a genius, the world.

this is the same with the above third, as much as possible to do the advertising message, like melatonin that even though many people, not used, but too familiar. Once selected, it will be in the list.

and Liu Bei’s sincerity, when Mr. Zhuge is not in, one is showing uncle Zhu Geliang is desperate, two talented warriors. From here you can learn a little, that is to say no!

is certainly not let you stupid to say "NO!", but to me, but it is a good.

2 Liu Bei: Liu Bei’s highlighting the "moving marketing" is doing good, not only let Mr. Zhuge saw his sincerity, also let the world see his courteous attitude.

Liu Bei pays great attention to buying hearts, which we can learn. In the current marketing, not to say how many times you want to visit customers, Liu Bei is not because of the number of visits touched by Zhu Geliang, but sincerity touched him. Good customer impression, is an important factor contributing to customer buying behavior, is one of the signs of good reputation.

three. Lv Bu

Lv Bu is said to be ranked first in the elite list of the Three Kingdoms

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