Olympic special domain name BJ2008.COM will be auctioned in September 26th

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      the Beijing Olympic Games official website (www.beijing2008.cn) has been around for 338 days before the games of the Beijing Olympic Games (). The Beijing Olympic Games and other related network domain name has been registered and have auction, BJ2008.COM is one of the best quality of the domain name, the domain name will be the first auction held in Beijing in September 26th second meters statue auction network domain name.


      informed sources, BJ2008.COM domain name price at least million yuan level, compared to the official website of the Olympic Games application domain BEIJING2008.CN has more advantages, simple and easy to remember, very suitable for the Olympic Games special report website. After the media reported some other price auction games related to the domain name, all Liupai due to price too high or from the market, the BJ2008.COM auction results are still unable to estimate, as long as the price close to the market is likely to clinch a deal.


      according to the organizers, the domain name auction as well as BaiDu.net, 67.cn, DVD.cn, MangGuo.com a total of 36 to remember the good domain name is expected to participate in the auction, the total turnover of more than 2 million yuan. (Editor: admin02)

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