Wanda electricity supplier 2 Teng million new catch Ali Jingdong

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August 28th, Bloomberg billionaires index released a new Internet giant BAT announced, swept the top three; after one day, the list of second, three or four, Tencent, Baidu, Wanda Group jointly announced jointly funded Wanda e-commerce company incorporated in Hongkong, people will be the cooperation dubbed "Teng million".

in fact, this is Wanda "erjingong". More than a year ago, boss Wang Jianlin had started 1 aspiring electricity supplier test version, Wan ibusiness surfaced; and the comeback, means that Wanda electricity into the 2 era.

promotion counter withdraw cabinet

in September 3rd, is located in Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza, ad hoc million registration card at the demolition, next door greeter at the door a little dumbfounded Yang, from on to off only a short period of three months. "Before very envious of their staff, do four Hugh, wages of 3200, is now estimated to have gone home." When asked what the reason was removed, Xiao Yang also all bewildered.

last year, Wang Jianlin officially announced a high-profile enter the field of electricity providers, Wan ibusiness positioned as Wanda Plaza O2O (online and offline interaction) intelligent e-commerce platform, and on-line test operation in December 2013. But until June this year, Shanghai was a second wave of pilot city to launch related services, is also the Shanghai Wanda Plaza Wujiaochang started Wan ibusiness and exchange cards promotion activities.

it is understood that Wan ibusiness positioned to provide the latest Plaza activities, business information, shopping guide, discounts, gift exchange and other comprehensive information and services for users. But different from the traditional e-commerce sites such as Taobao, Wan ibusiness does not provide the kind of online purchase service, but simply to present the line shops diversion. For example, at the beginning of each month, Wanda Plaza will store discounts, cash coupons, gifts and other benefits to collect information, push in the square ibusiness or square sinks App, interested consumers can go to Wanda’s stores to entity consumption.

million is not "real"

IT Times reporter visited Shanghai Wanda Plaza, Wujiaochang found that the reality is not as good as expected fullness. The reporter asked the clerk of businesses and consumers, few people have heard of Wan ibusiness". Clothing brand ASOBIO day in the App million push marketing messages, but the clerk told reporters, general App promotions on exclusive membership is not Wanda, any consumer can participate, we ourselves have an official App download now, any consumer can stand in the shop by 20."

similar in App Wanhui home position, Inaga Zushi has 13974 times to download coupons, but the store manager Du told reporters, no need to produce any related electronic coupons, you can enjoy the preferential.

"in the beginning people do pretty much the card, then fewer and fewer people, August who do card not much, they had not come to work at the beginning of September." A >

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