How to use Google alerts driving site traffic

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‘s current personal site, many sites have been maintained in the day two digit access. Stationmaster friends to work every day, but they can not flow, today to introduce a concept, just as we can use Baidu Post Bar drainage, we can also use Google alerts the power to pull traffic.

Google news is when we are in the Google search words appear new search results, automatically sent to your email. We currently offer four types of news: "news", "blog", "video", "discussion" and "book".

by Google news, we can analyze on how to make a new website, but also can overcome the shortcomings of others or is in need of counseling. The use of Google news, we can create any entries, or is the name of our website. If Google has hundreds of recent pages on the word, we will only be notified as soon as possible, and then we can easily click on a connection to the discussion version, and then provide our answer. We can set a daily reminder. I would love to add a "discussion" entry through Google news. This is a simple way to avoid doing repetitive work. Next, we can lead a survey to improve the site. If we feel that Google did not relate to all the news website, here also offers you a tool or purchased an accelerated improvement program.

above we introduce some basic Google alert settings, so how can we improve our site visits


is very simple, we need another tool. Forum is a good place for a lot of drainage, some simple answer can let us get traffic, but we need to do a lot of work every day, to discuss their own forum update. The Google news and forum, we can only make the short answer, we may imperceptibly spend eight to ten hours to go to the forums, but very few Shijiershiduo visits. How can we maximize the use of the advantages of the forum, how to make some visitors visit, and do not need to spend the whole day? The solution is to use the Google news and forum together. Google news is a list of Google has been incorporated into the Internet Index for our key service.

For example,

, a web site to do the game, if someone mentioned in the forum landlords, we answered: I have here to make money landlords." It takes time to search every day on Google. So instead, it is necessary to create and manage Google alerts. When we create the "landlords" in Google news, if there’s anyone anywhere on the web mentioned "landlords" of the word, we can immediately know and respond. For example, in your own site, such as "easy macro network" to create Google news is the same reason


is for everyone here is that the timeliness of information, we use Google alerts >

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