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what does a man need? He needs to do things well. He needs to be noticed for his beauty. Then, the role becomes more important, this is probably the so-called "career"". But some people love attention scrap. For example, business is at the rise of Zhang Lianglun is found, the search box on his most popular question was: who is a Lianglun wife


this thing blame today’s capital founder Xu Xin. In January, Zhang Lianglun founded the maternal electricity supplier Beibei announced a $100 million C round of financing sources. At the press conference, the lead investor Xu Xin broke the news that she was in the investigation of Zhang Lianglun, his wife pulled to the hotel for several hours.

Xu Xin knows babe by accident. 2014, the investment Jingdong earned $about 2000000000, known as the queen of investment, the woman in the interview with Jingdong users found that many mothers are using a App named Bei Bei. Xu Xin on the "business people" said: "in other business platform on maternal and child products has been very rich, why go to babe? High cost, many mothers have said so. I was impressed."

that time, babe has just set up soon, and "invest Queen" is looking for the next killer of entrepreneurs. She and the team spent three weeks, ran several cities to investigate the maternal and child market, concluded that the mother and child market just need, high frequency, is an opportunity, the conclusion. Completion of the investigation, she took 5, 6 people directly into Beibei headquarters in Hangzhou. Xu Xin and Zhang Lianglun’s team talk for more than 9 hours, she was impressed by Zhang Lianglun’s speech. "Wow, this man speaks so fast that I speak quickly, he is twice as fast as I am, and I have no time to take notes." Before leaving, Xu Xinrang Zhang Lianglun provides a list of top Audrey consumers and suppliers.

a week later, Xu Xin came back with the team, asked to sign the contract on the same day. Shareholders of the person in charge of finance is still in Hongkong, the company and other shareholders, the day must not sign. Xu Xin began to keep on calling. "She called and said," I’ll give you one night, "said Zhang Lianglun. Many venture capitalists have to find him, but Xu Xin is a real fight back, signed a contract for second days. "Anyway, she is the kind of person who, once she has chosen a thing, is a must".

determination of $100 million of financing in the winter of 2014, when the baby was established 9 months, nearly $1 billion valuation. And Xu Xin gave him a report, but also let him accidentally found the position of his career. Before reading the report, Zhang Lianglun did not know much about the industry. In her report, I heard the company name, she made the industry ranking analysis, market share ranking, this is the first time I saw Beibei market share, that time has the first babe."

in July of that year, Zhang Lianglun’s rival honey bud baby (later renamed honey bud) founder, also saw the top of the venture capital institutions Sequoia

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