Public comment friends where suspected breach of privacy

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morning news reporter Wang Yifei trainee reporter

new version of the public comment APP launched mobile phone friends where the function, the user allows APP to read the phone address book, you can see the mobile phone friends comments. However, this new feature has triggered netizens questioned.

"we originally are anonymous comments, now the real name friends comments are exposed, this is not to disclose user privacy?" miss people worried about their comments by other friends to see, causing distress.

this, public comment said, "where friends show" information for the user only the last comment records contained published in the public comment on the website comment content and upload pictures, does not involve privacy information. For fear that the phone number will be associated with the user nickname, the problem has been solved by updating APP.

worry new friends to go where leaked privacy

as a loyal user of public comment, 20, the new version of the public comment on the phone APP line, Miss Zhang immediately download updates. The new version of APP to increase the look at the mobile phone address book friends where to arouse the interest of miss zhang. Click on where to go, and allow friends to contact the APP address book, where to go buddy list will appear in the phone contact comments. "They pass the food photos, comments which stores are crystal clear. At that time, I feel very fresh, but also joked with friends, where you go to eat delicious I know." Miss Zhang said.

second days in the morning, Miss Zhang login public comment on the computer side of the page, like the usual public comment community. "When I went to my home page, I found out that I was paying close attention to the hundreds of accounts I didn’t know."

Miss Zhang began to think of their public comment account stolen, and later realized that these strange accounts are all of her cell phone address book. Although the network community home page is not a real name of the user, but through the screen name, I guess the true identity of some friends".

if the number is bound to the public comment account, then the user’s comments can be recorded through the ‘friends go to’ function easily learned." Miss Zhang believes that their spending habits, often go to the site will be the people get. "In real life, it’s not hard to get my phone number. Even in the information age, a lot of numbers can be obtained through the purchase, if the use of illegal personnel how to do?

then, Miss Zhang called the public comment customer service phone, called for the abolition of the review account and the phone number of the binding, but the customer service said that the cancellation can not be canceled, only a mobile phone number.

can see the recent review record

yesterday, Miss Zhang in front of reporters to open the latest version of the public comment APP mobile phone side, click on where to go to the friends, the directory is indeed updated below the real-time dynamic friends. The name of the friend is different, some direct display on the

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