Yu Chen two generation online banking will change the pattern of payment

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central bank announced the upgrade of its online banking system, the industry known as the two generation of online banking, the media as a super online banking". It is reported that the Internet banking Internet application system or will be on-line in August this year. At the same time, the banking system will access the online banking system including more than and 10 domestic banks, commercial banks, the first batch of more than and 10 pilot project is being carried out in order to achieve the development of access system, the central bank’s "big silver-colored plan", disorderly competition state of digestion domestic banking financial institutions net. The two generation of the central bank online banking to build and launch, is actually China payment industry maturity is the only way which must be passed to a bank’s matter, or the third party payment clearing and settlement business development, the long term is beneficial.

has a similar system in the payment market in foreign mature examples, such as ACH (automatic clearing system) is the main bank payment system, ACH has been in existence for over 30 years in the United States, 90% U.S. banks are automatically members of the exchange center. As a matter of fact, each developed country has its own automatic exchange center system, otherwise it is difficult to compete in international trade, and it is difficult to establish an efficient commercial banking system. The world’s leading online payment system PayPal (PayPal) success in the United States in a great extent due to the presence of ACH PayPal, only one access point, can the whole network Unicom, do not need to access each bank individually, and can focus on providing online payment on account.

is the two generation of the central bank online banking launched similar to ACH, will open up the connection between the banks, will also build a more open and fair environment, reduce the monopoly of resources, to China third party payment enterprise development has brought great impetus. Either the operator or the third party payment companies, will no longer need to access one by one of the banks of hard work, so you can have more time to focus on the financial industry to pay further value-added services and customized solutions on.

for electronic payment, the biggest competition is not an industry within the industry, but instead of the traditional payment behavior, therefore, the real driving force of this industry from the traditional electronic industry, which is on both the contactless payment operators to push, or third party vendors in favor of the remote payment, is true.

from now to see the trend of the central bank for electronic payment is still relatively open, because there is still in the initial stage, so from the beginning of last year the central bank has basically taken filing system, so that regulators can get more information from the first-line market, can better improve the management. For the industry is very concerned about the financial license, because the industry is in a relatively early stage of development, I think it is difficult to appear in the short term.

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