Taobao Jingdong United States love Korean drama goal is Chinese consumers

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30 years

Korean, thermal potential did not retreat, a wave of Korean 100001000 Chinese still captured the hearts of the audience, and the occasion of the ten years of today, also attracted the attention of the major electricity supplier of Taobao mobile phone to look first appearance in the drama, from "three" to "doctor" as a stranger, into the plot, followed by the Jingdong is not weakness, "in the drama you are surrounded by a", the digital products are Jingdong brand, seeing the catsanddogs fire extending to overseas, King hippo yihuhuhuapiao, in the Korean version of "I love you" was decreed by fate to the sponsor, electricity supplier war in the Korean market what is the expansion of territory triggered at any moment, to the South Korean consumers reached, or captive goal is still Chinese


mobile phone Taobao

"the three day" ending guest demonstration of Korean Amoy little

since the beginning of this year to find the legs Obama Lee Min Ho endorsement, Taobao mobile phone to go South Korea style reveals first in the drama "the three day" and a faceless, and pick out the ending of Chinese, the audience is a big surprise, the heroine with Taobao in the mobile phone to Amoy little shopping orders, and discovered the the Korean version of the Taobao mobile phone interface, simply overjoyed.

to debut with the Taobao mobile phone in the drama "the three day" ending in the campaign is amazing, spare no effort, hand Amoy home launched "the three day" big guess "plate, Thailand Beijing (the actor name) take you in Amoy little eat three days" and other activities, with the promotion of Amoy little, at the same time, in the finale aired on the occasion, the official Taobao micro-blog mobile phone synchronization, let the first stage of the Korean mobile phone Taobao firmly landing, not too abrupt, but obviously in the Chinese audience in waves is much larger.

"doctor" Huayi to Amoy foreign appearance, to sponsor

Compared to

at the end of the "three" in the little faceless, mobile phone Taobao hopes for the drama "doctor stranger", directly into brand sponsorship at the end of the movie, not only that, Zhang Liang will be the man in the play "implanted", Zhang Liang went to Korea in the play has a cameo, become incident the news of his guest, and the main purpose is to let Taobao in the mobile phone is more natural to use lead, Zhang Liang not Han Wen, because another protagonist will Chinese, let the story development seems "natural", apparently the target audience is a bit more Chinese consumers.

but in fact, as the Korean version of the Taobao mobile phone, why insist on for implantation on the Chinese version? Is likely to kill two birds with one stone, hand, want to invade South Korea mobile market, let consumers see South Korea, Chinese people in the hands of Amoy shopping; on the other hand, let consumers see Ali Chinese resources in the Korean Chinese people could see the gracious hand Amoy, love at the same time, the Obama also in use, is not like the


of course, these are Ali’s good idea, in contrast, in the Korean drama naked face, or to Chinese consumers >

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